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What Does A Bikini Wax Consist Of?

What Does A Bikini Wax Consist Of?

Nothing beats the silky smooth and free sensation that comes with a fresh bikini wax. However, when it comes to bikini waxing services, one person’s idea may differ from another’s.

A bikini wax can mean anything from your classic bikini wax all the way to a full Brazilian bikini wax. If you’re considering one, check out what it consists of, which areas you can have hair removed, and what you should expect, so you can decide for yourself what kind of bikini wax to get. 

Hair Removal Areas

There are various types of bikini waxing services available. If you’re unsure about which ones to get, check out which areas can be covered by a bikini waxing service, and then decide for yourself what type of bikini wax you want.

Along the Bikini Line

The classic bikini wax involves removing hair along the bikini line, leaving behind any hair covered by a bikini.

If one wants to go a little further than the bikini line, one should request a french bikini wax, which only leaves behind a small triangular patch of hair. How much or how little hair you want to be waxed depends on you.

On the Bum

Bikini waxing can include hair removal from the buttocks. A strip of wax will be used to remove hair between the buttocks. To request hair removal in the buttocks, one may request a Hollywood Wax or a Buttocks Strip from their esthetician.

Between the Legs

Another area that can be included by bikini wax is between the legs. To request this, one can opt to add inner thighs wax, which leaves hair on the buttocks untouched, or a full Brazilian bikini wax, which essentially gets rid of all hairs.

Inner Thighs

Bikini wax can also include hair removal in the inner thighs. This is a great option for the warmer months, so one can wear skirts and shorts with confidence.

Steps Involved During Bikini Waxing

If you’ve determined how much hair to remove during your bikini waxing appointment, the next step is to mentally prepare for your bikini wax. Though bikini waxing gives you smooth skin and unrivaled freedom, it does come with pain, which, fortunately, only lasts for a few seconds.

Check out the typical steps involved in a typical salon bikini waxing service, so you know what to expect during your appointment.


Before starting any waxing session, the area for hair removal will first be cleansed. When preparing for a bikini wax, your esthetician will ask you to lie down in a comfortable position. And then, he or she will wipe you down to remove any lotions, oils, and sebum from your skin as these can hinder the waxing process.


Once your skin is all clean, the esthetician will apply a layer of oil. This moisturizer will serve as a protective barrier for your skin so that when the wax is pulled off, only hairs will go with it, and not skin.


Once all preparations have been made, the esthetician will apply wax to the area for hair removal, following the direction of hair growth. Unlike other parts of the body, the coarser hair in the bikini area works best with hot wax. Hence, one can expect to feel some heat when hot wax is being applied. Do rest assured that the wax should not in any way scald you.

After the wax application, it will be left to harden for around five minutes. As the wax begins to harden, the esthetician may press down on it to increase adherence of wax onto the hairs.

Once the wax is stiff, the esthetician will very quickly pull the semi-hardened wax in the opposite direction of hair growth, which should effectively pull hairs out from the root. This process takes no more than a second or two, and the pulling sensation will cause pain, which varies from person to person depending on their pain threshold.

After hair is pulled out, one can expect to feel a throbbing and burning sensation, which should not last longer than a few seconds. The esthetician is also going to apply pressure to the area waxed to help ease the pain.


As pulling hair out from the roots can irritate the skin, the last step to any good bikini waxing is the treatment to rejuvenate your skin. Your esthetician can use a serum, gel, or cold compress to help soothe the skin and prevent redness and irritation.

Bikini Waxing, Las Vegas

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