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How Much Hair Does a Bikini Wax Remove?

How Much Hair Does a Bikini Wax Remove?


One question many clients have is how much hair will actually be removed during a bikini wax. This is a totally normal question and one we hear all the time from our clients. People want to know different bikini wax types and what these look like in order to choose the best option for them.

When it comes to getting a wax, sometimes it can be confusing to know exactly which type of wax style you want and what actually will happen during the wax. Keep reading to find out more about what bikini waxing places offer and what you can expect for your waxing service.

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If you are new to waxing, it may seem like an intimidating or daunting process and you may have no idea what to expect. Thankfully, getting a waxing service is nothing to be afraid of and we can take you through what the process will involve.


There are two main things that most people find a little scary about getting a bikini wax, the pain and having a stranger seeing you half-naked.

While wax will inevitably cause some discomfort and maybe a little pain, it really is not like how the movies portray it. You will not be screaming or wincing in pain. That is because professional waxers know what they are doing!

They are trained to minimize pain by using the best type of wax for each area of the body and the right technique for removing the wax efficiently and with as little hurt as possible. For a bikini wax, most waxers will opt for a hard wax that only adheres to the hair and not the skin. This means the same area can be gone over multiple times without damaging the skin.

You Should Feel Comfortable

If you’re concerned that your waxer will judge you based on your private area, rest assured that this is not the case. You should have peace of mind knowing that you’re working with a licensed specialist who has seen it all.

Everyone is unique, and professional wax technicians are accustomed to working with a variety of hair types, including various lengths and thicknesses. Your waxer will be focused on one thing at the end of the day: getting you as smooth as possible with the least bit of discomfort.

Embrace the Awkwardness

When it comes to feeling awkward about a stranger seeing you half-naked, there are a few things you can do to make yourself more comfortable.

For a bikini wax at certain salons, you can ask for a pair of small disposable pants that will keep you feeling covered up but allow the waxer to remove hair along the bikini line. This of course will not be an option for some of the other styles, like Brazilian so do bear that in mind.

Another thing you can do is simply embrace the awkwardness! You may be asked to get into some strange positions in order to ensure all unwanted hair is removed, but this is completely normal. Try to stay confident and comfortable throughout the process and love the end results.

Post-Wax Care

Your bikini area may not appear exactly like you hoped it would after your wax. It’s very natural to have some redness and pimples on your skin. Within the next few hours, the aftereffect, sometimes known as chicken skin, should subside.

Great skincare begins with great aftercare. Ask your specialist whether their salon sells a product to keep your bikini area quiet and soothed—they’ll almost certainly have a wonderful recommendation. Hydrocortisone can also be used to relieve minor irritations.

Quick and Convenient Hair Removal

At the end of the day, waxing is the most efficient and effective form of hair removal. It requires far less upkeep than shaving and will leave you with smoother skin afterward. Say goodbye to stubble and ingrown hairs!

A bikini wax will leave you hairless all around the bikini line and sometimes the waxer may opt to remove some hair from down the thigh as well. The hair is pulled from the root which means it grows back slower and thinner.

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