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Hard vs Soft Wax: What Is Better for Bikini Waxes?

Hard vs Soft Wax: What Is Better for Bikini Waxes?

For anyone new to waxing, it may seem like there are a hundred different options out there and that the process of getting a wax is not very clear. First and foremost, it is important to find bikini waxing services from a trusted and reliable salon that you are sure will leave you with great results.

Keep reading to learn not only the difference between hard and soft wax but also some ways you can prepare for your waxing session and maintain it.


While both types of wax will ultimately get the job done and be convenient and efficient, they have different benefits and may be more suitable for different types of waxing styles and intimate areas.

hard wax

Hard wax is kept heated in a sterile container or pot and then manually spread across the unwanted hair. For a bikini wax, this would be along the bikini line. The wax is then left to harden on the hair for a few minutes and the waxer will then quickly rip off the wax.

Hard wax adheres to the hair, not the skin. This can be a huge benefit because it means that the waxer can go over the same area a few times to remove any remaining hairs without injuring the skin.

Hard wax is also much thicker than soft wax. It, therefore, does not require the use of strips to remove it. This can mean a less painful process overall.

For these reasons, hard wax is usually the go-to option for intimate waxes. It allows for slightly more control on the part of the waxer and less pain for the client. It is also often used for face waxes and underarm waxes.

soft wax

Soft wax, like hard wax, is also heated up but it can be applied at lower temperatures.

The wax is spread onto the area with unwanted hair and it adheres to the skin as well as the hair. This means that soft wax can be more painful because a layer of skin may be removed along with the hair. 

Soft wax also requires strips to be applied in order to remove the wax quickly. Due to the more painful nature of this type of wax, waxers do not typically go over the same area more than once because it can really irritate the skin.

Most waxers choose soft wax for areas like arms, chest, and back.

How to Prepare for Your Wax

Before a bikini wax, it is a good idea to prepare correctly in order to properly get the area ready and also prepare your body. 

Grow Out Your Hair

This is a key step that many people ignore. Leave your hair to grow out for about two weeks–or until the hair is roughly a quarter of an inch long–before the wax appointment. This ensures that the wax has something to adhere to and that your results will last longer.

Exfoliate the Skin Area

Use a gentle body scrub or loofah around the area that you will be having waxed. This will slough off some of the dead skin and prepare the area for a successful wax.

Take a Warm Shower

Before a bikini wax, or really any wax, it is a good idea to have a warm shower. This will soften the hair and also open the pores of the skin, which can make the wax less painful and easier.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

It is important to hydrate before and after a wax appointment with lots of water. This will help minimize pain and improve healing. Remember to also stay away from alcohol or too much coffee before your wax as this can have a negative effect.

Wear the Right Clothing

Another key thing to bear in mind is wearing the right type of clothing for your wax. You will want to wear something that is loose fitting to make sure that the now sensitive skin does not become irritated any further. 

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