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How Often Should You Get a Bikini Wax?

How Often Should You Get a Bikini Wax?

Nothing screams summer-ready than a good bikini wax. Coming out of a Las Vegas waxing services salon feeling smooth and ready to flaunt your summer body just helps everyone feel more confident.

But if you’ve had your bikini wax a few weeks ago, you may not feel as confident as you notice hairs beginning to grow back. Check out this guide to know when you’re due for your next bikini wax, and when to book your next appointment.

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There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to the exact time to schedule a bikini waxing session. But because waxing relies on pulling on hairs with the use of incredibly sticky wax, then it works best when there is quite a bit of hair growth for the pulling to be more effective.

For waxing to work properly and pull hairs out, there should at least be a quarter of an inch of hair growth. Any less than this and the waxing job may result in leftover hair patches that no one wants.

From the moment you get waxed, it takes anywhere from three to four weeks before your hairs grow back up to at least a quarter of an inch around your bikini area, though do note that this may vary from person to person.

But remember that just because you’ve got a bit of hair, doesn’t mean you’re already due for another bikini wax. Some people can extend the wait time between their bikini waxing sessions, and push their next salon booking up to eight weeks after their previous waxing appointment.

The Truth Behind Why You See Hair Grow Back So Quickly

Even if we know that hair doesn’t grow back very quickly and that once waxed, it will take at least two weeks for even fast hair growers to gain back a quarter of an inch of hair, many of us can start to see hairs just days after a waxing session.

If this has happened to you, this is no cause for panic, and no, your waxing technician did not botch up your bikini wax.

Given that waxing can only pull the hair off effectively if they’re at least a quarter of an inch long, hairs that don’t meet this length during your waxing session will be left behind. Not to mention, there are hairs underneath your skin waiting to grow after your waxing session.

how often should you get a bikini wax

As with most things, how often you should get a bikini wax depends on a number of individual factors. Check out some of the most important ones to help you decide how long you should go before booking your next bikini wax appointment.


Bikini waxing is the removal of hair seen around a bathing suit or underwear. As such, how often one goes to the beach or wears revealing clothing, will determine whether they’re due for another bikini wax.

If you’re at the beach very frequently, then getting a bikini wax every two weeks is a good schedule. However, if you don’t frequent the beach or wear bikinis often, then you can have longer periods between your bikini waxing appointments.

Coarseness of Hair

Another factor to consider when it comes to how frequently one should go get a bikini wax is the coarseness of the hair. Though hairs are expected to show up around the bikini area just days after a bikini wax, it varies from person to person just how noticeable such hair growth is.

For some people, hair is coarser. Such hair is more noticeable and may make one more keen to book more frequent bikini waxing, compared to those with finer hair growth. If one has coarse hair, then waiting at least two weeks between appointments helps ensure optimal hair removal every time.

How Long You’ve been Waxing

Last but not least, you should consider how long you have been getting their hair waxed. One of the benefits of repeated waxing is that it makes hair grow back finer.

Because waxing involves pulling hairs at the root as opposed to only cutting the top part as shaving does, repeated waxing damages the hair bulb, which leads to less dense hair growth.

This means that the longer you’ve been getting your bikini area waxed, the longer you can go between each session. Typically, after two to three consecutive sessions with around two to six weeks in between, one will notice their hair growth to be finer.

At this time, you can schedule your bikini waxing less frequently than you used to, going from every two weeks to every four weeks or more.

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