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8 Reasons to Book a Waxing Session

8 Reasons to Book a Waxing Session

Waxing treatment is a procedure that has been in the beauty industry for decades and is one of the most popular beauty processes performed by both women and men. It is ideal when you want to remove unwanted hair from an area of your body.

However, you may have been thinking about getting Las Vegas waxing services for a while but have been putting it off. If you’re one of the type of people tempted by the thought of getting a wax but just can’t muster up enough courage to book a session then keep on reading.

The following post has some good reasons why an appointment with a qualified waxer is something that would be beneficial to your life.

Gentle Exfoliation

Lackluster skin begone! Well, not literally, if you’re lucky enough to have that problem. Dead skin cells and grime on your epidermis can cause outbreaks and every other horrible thing in the book.

It’s why people exfoliate, and waxing is a gentle and effective way of doing it. With waxing, all of this is removed, as part of the process. Waxing offers gentle exfoliation by removing the topmost dead skin cells and grime found on your skin.

Waxing can help keep your skin feeling soft and smooth and helps to keep ingrowths at bay. For best results, we recommend that you exfoliate a few days before waxing – it’s not an absolute necessity – and always cleanse and moisturize after waxing.

Less Regrowth

Waxing results in less hair regrowth longer than you can expect from a simple shave. This is a result of the pulled-out hair follicle meant to refresh itself with a new set of hair before it reaches the skin surface.

After a waxing service, many people notice that their hair strands appear finer, there’s less growth from regrowth, and they feel less prickly.

Fewer Ingrown Hairs

Waxing can give you smooth skin. Waxing removes the entire hair from its roots. Hair has a chance of growing back, but pulls or yanks will have a better chance of preventing that itchy bump–otherwise known as the ingrown hair–that results from hair growing back into your skin.

Moving from hair to hair in a steady motion, this hair removal technique staves off ingrown hairs by directing the hair out instead of in. The key is a quick, steady hand and a deft touch.

Reduced Inflammation

Inflammation is the culprit behind most skin problems. Shaving can lead to chronic skin inflammation, resulting in discoloration, thickening, and uneven hair growth. Waxing helps prevent repeated friction of the skin, creating less inflammation.

Unlike shaving, waxing provides no friction to the skin, resulting in less of the cellular process of inflammation.

Hair Grows Back Finer and Sparser

Hair removal by waxing removes the entire hair from the root from those areas. The hair root is actually inside the skin, beneath the follicle. The follicle contains cells that produce melanin and carry pigment that colors your hair and give it its texture.

Waxing tears the hair off from the root, which causes the hair follicle to get weaker over time. Weak hair follicles produce finer, sparser hair. The time required for significant change will vary because genetics still determines most skin characteristics, including; color, growth, and coarseness.

Less Itching and Prickliness

There’s nothing worse than an itch that just won’t go away. But hair growth happens in cycles, so when hair surfaces, it starts to bother you.

Waxing results in less annoying itching and prickliness, because you take longer to feel the prickly sensation every time hair grows back. Waxing also gives you a straight shape, so your hair doesn’t stick out in all different directions and looks messy and ungroomed.

Avoid the Risk of Cuts and Nicks

Waxing results in less risk of cuts and nicks when compared to razor shaving. Waxing is the only hair removal process that removes the entire hair shaft down to the root.

The use of wax does not require you to have a close shave, allowing for less skin contact with sharp or dull blades while still removing unwanted hair.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

When you book in for a waxing session, you enjoy the attention of a professional esthetician and the soothing warmth of hot wax. Waxing is clean, comforting, and has minimal downtime.

It’s an empowering beauty ritual that makes you feel good and tells the world that you don’t let anything hold you back.

Don’t wait until your hair growth becomes unmanageable. Schedule an appointment today with SOS WAX , and get rid of unwanted hair on any part of your body like legs, bikini area, underarms, eyebrows, upper lip and many more. Our knowledgeable staff can help you decide if waxing is ideal for you, and answer any questions you might have. You’ll love how smooth and clean you feel.