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Our Las Vegas facial skin care spa is results-driven. We’re all about relaxing, but we want you to not only feel rejuvenated on the inside but look and feel your very best on the outside.

Our individualized products and services help replenish what the harsh elements remove, leaving smoother skin and addressing our client’s individual skin care needs, whether through sun exposure, wrinkles, acne, or spots that come with aging.

Give your skin a glow-up with our facial skincare services

Starting with a skin analysis, our skincare professional determines the type of treatment and facial skin care services that are best for your skin type and condition. We take our time discussing your unique situation and creating an individual treatment plan designed to leave your skin soft, supple, and glowing.

Before we take a look at our skin care treatments in Las Vegas, NV, let’s define what makes up good skin care and why it is so important to take care of your skin.

Why are facials so important?

We all know how important that first impression can be. In Las Vegas, NV, we’re surrounded by people in the entertainment industry–many of whom probably got a start in their careers because of that first impression.

Statistics suggest that many people have already made up their minds about you within the first seven seconds of meeting you. Seven seconds! And what do they look at? Your face.

But even more important than what they see is how you feel.

Looking your best projects confidence that’s eye-catching.

As the popular saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

One way to ensure you stand out from the crowd is setting up regular facial skin care treatments at SOS Wax in Las Vegas, NV. Smoother skin that illuminates a soft glow is just one of the results when you take care of your skin.


Pollution, harsh weather, sun damage, and bad habits all take their toll on our skin. Free radicals, produced from environmental pollution, sun exposure, and habits like smoking, break down our skin’s natural collagen, leading to wrinkles, saggy skin, and the all-to-common jowl effect.

Let’s face it, when you’re living in Las Vegas, NV, it’s hard to not lounge by one of the many pools!

To counteract these effects, your skin requires quality care. Applying antioxidants (and taking them internally) can help disarm free radicals before they cause any damage. Some of the most well-known antioxidants include Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Vitamin A.

In addition to supplying your skin with antioxidants, facials increase your circulation, promote new cell turnover, flush out toxins and excess water, and stimulate collagen production.

As humans, we tend to put off our to-do’s. There’s so much on our plate, adding one more item seems counter-intuitive. Did you know, however, that many skin care experts suggest starting facials around for clients as young as 14?

To have skin that looks flawless, you need to start caring for it before time takes its toll. As you know, it’s harder to repair something that is broken than to keep it in top shape by preventative measures!


While acne usually begins in puberty, it can strike at any age. In fact, most people between the ages of 11 and 30 will have acne at some point.

Acne is usually caused by dead skin cells and oils that clog the pores of our skin. The bacteria that live on our skin can also find their way into pores where they produce painful red bumps.

For people with this condition, it’s critical to deep clean these congested pores with quality cleansing products, exfoliation, and extraction. Extractions should be done by professionals well-versed in the process in order to prevent acne scars.

So, just how do facials counteract the effects of aging and acne? The answer lies in each of our Las Vegas spa facial processes that are designed to leave your skin ultra-clean, ultra-hydrated, and glowing.

Las Vegas, NV Spa Techniques

Our aestheticians start by cleansing your skin. In order to prepare your skin to receive the greatest benefits inherent in a professional facial, all oils, makeup, and impurities need to be removed. Our skin care professional will determine during your assessment which type of cleansing product is right for your skin type.

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and helps produce new cell turnover that, with time, helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and facial blemishes. This new skin is ready to absorb the nutrients that the soon-to-be applied masks and creams provide.

Steam is an important part of the extraction process. The moist heat softens the poor blockages, making extractions easier and painless.

If you’ve never experienced a professional facial, you’ll be amazed at just how many of your pores have accumulated dirt and debris. Without regular treatment, this oil and dirt builds up over time, creating a dull skin tone.

A mask treatment can detoxify, hydrate, or firm, depending on the type of mask used. Many contain one or more of the following ingredients: alpha-hydroxy acids, hyaluronic acid, collagen, or antioxidants.

In addition to being incredibly relaxing, a facial massage stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage, removing toxins and promoting healthy skin.

Some skin types require deeper exfoliation. This is where the microdermabrasion treatment comes in. This medical grade gently sands away the outer layer of the skin with microcrystals, improving skin tone, reducing skin pigmentation disorders like age spots, and stimulating collagen growth.

Hydradermabrasion is a similar technology that uses a vacuum to gently clean out pores while pumping in nutrients, peptides, and serums. Most of our clients notice the hydrating effects almost immediately.

Unlike dermabrasion, which is a physical exfoliant, these peels are chemical exfoliants. Commonly used chemicals include glycolic, salicylic, and lactic acid. This process also removes the dead skin cells, leaving brighter, smoother skin, and less discoloration.

Skincare for women and skincare for men is slightly different. When gearing our facials for men, we may focus on removing the impurities and relieving some of the razor-burn that develops from shaving. Skincare for women often focuses on hydration and skin fitness that tightens and tones.

Get the skin of your dreams today

At SOS Wax, we’re committed to giving our clients the best skin care treatment available in Las Vegas, NV, and beyond. We treat all types of skin conditions and work with our clients to reduce the signs of aging and scars, and get them the results they seek. Call SOS Wax for an appointment today.