SOS WAX and Skincare


Servicing Centennial Hills and North Las Vegas

Are you looking for a place that will turn back the hands of time? When you need a salon, you deserve the best, at least, that’s our mindset. Imagine the best facial you’ve ever had, with the latest technology and advanced products. 

What if we ensured not only the cleanest wax but also the smoothest, most comfortable skin possible? How much better would it feel to be tanned and silky smooth after a session with one of our pros? How would you live your life if everything was taken care of, so you could do what you love without looking after yourself? 

At Sos Wax salon, we combine years of experience providing our clients with the best in care, product lineup, and service with a fierce devotion to pampering and powdering as a way of life. As Aliante’s premier destination for all things beauty, we have just what you need to look, feel, and become more beautiful in no time!

Services at the Sos Wax Waxing & Beauty Salon in Aliante

We have been offering the best waxing services at our waxing and beauty salon in Aliante for quite some time now. Below are some of the services we provide at the Sos Wax:

Body Waxing Services

If you are looking for a complete makeover for a special event or party, we have it all. We cover everything from Full body waxing, male Brazilian waxing, Bikini waxing, and more. 

You don’t have to spend half a day at a salon under the hot lights anymore; we offer waxing services ranging from the basics to the most advanced services done in our beauty Salon.

Male Brazilian Waxing

Get a sleek, smooth look in your most intimate areas with this waxing service. Getting a Male Brazilian Waxing at our salon will leave you comfortable and hair-free for weeks. 

Our beauticians are experienced with the body and will help you feel beautiful. Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be pampered. Make an appointment today!

Bikini Waxing

The bikini line – or “the triangle,” as it’s referred to in the fashion world – is undergoing a serious renaissance. Stylists are adorning it with intricate patterns and designs, and there’s no reason you should not do the same for yourself.   

The wax experts at SOS wax spa and beauty salon are highly skilled in all facets of hair removal, including advanced techniques such as Brazilian waxing and eyebrow tinting.

Back waxing

Every inch of your body deserves a touch of luxury, so why not start with the part we’re unable to see? Treat yourself to silky smooth skin with our back waxing treatments. Our experienced specialists will carefully remove unwanted hair for you, giving your back a smooth and youthful appearance.


Your skin is the biggest organ on your body, and therefore it deserves special attention. At our salon, we make it our mission to help you achieve radiant skin by providing gentle and effective facial services in an inviting atmosphere for all.

Teeth Whitening

To get your beautiful, bright smile back, it’s crucial to have a technique that works. We offer teeth whitening as a solution for stained, dull teeth. Teeth whitening is a fast and affordable way to change your smile – try it out with one of our professionals in our salon!