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6 Steps To Ease You Into Your First Waxing Session

6 Steps To Ease You Into Your First Waxing Session

From screaming clients to stories about friends who had their waxing done at some shady salon and developed allergies afterwards, there seems to be a legitimate reason to fear waxing; but not if waxing is done right.

As a hair removal procedure, waxing is effective and provides compounding results with minimal discomfort. When hair is repeatedly pulled from the root, the hair follicles are weakened and the new hair turns finer. Not to mention, waxing also provides exfoliation, leaving behind hairless, smooth, and supple skin.

The key to a successful wax are proper preparation, a trained technician at a good waxing salon, and careful observation of post-wax care guidelines. Prepare well for your waxing appointment and put your waxing fears to rest by following these steps!

1. Grow Enough Hair

What makes waxing more painful than necessary is having to wax inflamed skin over and over.

When waxing, the wax needs to grip the hair well in order for hair removal to be effective in one pull.

This means effective waxing requires at least a quarter of an inch long hair. Any shorter than this and some hair will remain after an area has been waxed. Often times, a technician will apply wax and try to pull hair off again from the area. If waxing once sensitizes the skin, waxing repeatedly will result in more intense pain.

Meanwhile, if you’ve grown the hair out long enough, the wax will effectively grip the hairs so that when the technician pulls it off, the hairs are effectively pulled out from the roots. The pain will still be there, but it should only last a second or two, then the pain will be gone and you will have smooth, hair-free skin.

2. Time It Right

Pain threshold and skin sensitivity vary. When your skin is sensitive or irritated either from sunburn, allergy, or any other skin treatment, don’t get waxed. Doing so will aggravate already sensitive skin and make the waxing procedure more painful than it should be.

Additionally, women are more sensitive when they are menstruating. This is applicable to any area of the body, but especially if you’re getting a brazilian or bikini wax. Hence, it is best to avoid waxing during or right after your period.

3. Exfoliate

When wax is pulled off the skin, it can pull hair out while also removing the top most layer of the skin. If the wax hardens, it has a tight grip on the hairs, so when they are pulled, some skin comes off with the hairs. This makes waxing more painful because it creates more resistance.

To minimize pain when waxing, technicians suggest exfoliating skin to remove rough and dead skin before waxing. This lessens the barriers over your hair follicles and makes the process of pulling hairs off much smoother, hence, less painful.

4. Be Gentle

Pulling hairs and some skin out will only irritate your skin. The best thing you can do is to be gentle with your skin and avoid aggravating it.

If If you are going to get your skin waxed, avoid using any products that might irritate it. This includes skincare products with active ingredients such as retinol and acids. In the same vein, one should also avoid sun tanning or engaging in any extreme activities that will chafe the skin.

5, Start Easy

Waxing can be done on many areas of the body for both men and women. Different body parts have varying levels of sensitivity and pain tolerance.

If you’re new to waxing, a good way to quell your fears is to start easy and wax relatively insensitive areas like legs or arms. Meanwhile, the most painful areas to wax are the bikini area, chest, and buttocks. If you are afraid of waxing, you should avoid these sensitive areas.

6. Choose Hard Wax

At the salon, you’ll be asked to choose between soft wax, which can grip hairs very well, and hard wax, which work best on finer hairs that come off easily when pulled.

As soft wax is melted wax applied over skin and is pulled after it has solidified, the wax grips onto hairs as well as skin. Though this is more effective at pulling hair out, it is also more painful and is not advisable for waxing sensitive areas.

Meanwhile, hard wax is wax that is sticky enough to grip onto hairs, but solid enough to grip only onto hairs and not skin. It’s often used for removing fine hairs on sensitive areas like the upper lip or pubic region.

When starting out, it’s recommended that one tries hard wax over soft wax. The results are nearly alike, but hard wax hurts less.

Waxing Center Las Vegas

The best way to conquer your fear of waxing is to go ahead and do it, but do it right. 

Follow the steps outlined above and finally put your waxing fears to rest by booking a waxing appointment at SOS Wax, a tried and tested waxing center in Las Vegas.

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