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Your First Bikini Wax: What You Need to Know

Your First Bikini Wax: What You Need to Know


It is completely normal to be nervous or even scared if you have just booked your first bikini wax. We have all seen those scenes in movies and TV shows where a girl walks into a Las Vegas waxing services salon for an intimate wax and maybe even screams in pain.

This has built a culture of fear around waxes but just remember–these films are fiction! In reality, a bikini wax is just another beauty treatment that will leave you feeling more confident and happy in your body. A trained beauty therapist knows how to minimize discomfort and pain and create a positive environment.

Keep reading to find out everything you should know about a bikini wax, from how to prepare to what happens during the appointment.

Different Waxes

Firstly, it is important to have an idea of the different intimate waxes available. While this article is more specifically about bikini waxes, you should still know what this entails and what other options are out there.

Bikini Wax

As the name suggests, a bikini wax removes unwanted hair around the bikini line and sometimes on the thigh. It is a very popular choice because it requires a bit less maintenance than other waxes and keeps things neat and tidy.

Shaped Wax

Also sometimes called a French wax, this procedure removes all hair except in a certain shape, such as a landing strip or small triangle. You can ask your beauty therapist for the different shapes they may be able to do, but these are the most popular and common.

Brazilian Wax

A Brazilian wax removes all hair from front to back. While this may require some extra upkeep, it is a good option for people who dislike body hair altogether.

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Before your first intimate wax appointment, it is a good idea to prepare your body in a few ways:

  1. Let Your Hair Grow – you may think that you should trim your hair down before a wax, but do not do this! Your hair should be about a quarter of an inch long. This allows the wax to grip onto the hair better so that it can pull out the entire follicle. 
  2. Exfoliate – a few days before the appointment, you should gently exfoliate with a body scrub or loofah. This removes dead skin from the area and can help prevent ingrown hairs later on.
  3. Hydrate – it is also important to stay hydrated before a wax to help the skin recover more quickly. But remember, hydrate with water, not coffee or alcohol! These beverages are dehydrating and will have a negative effect.
  4. Shower – a shower before your wax is always a good idea. A warm shower will also have the positive effect of softening the hair and opening the pores. This means a less painful experience!
  5. Wear Loose Clothing – this is an important step! You do not want to wear tight-fitted clothing after an appointment as this can cause chaffing and discomfort after a wax. Instead, loose clothing will keep the newly sensitive skin comfortable and allow for quicker healing.

As you prepare for your wax, keep in mind that you should avoid scheduling the wax during that time of the month. Usually during your period, and a few days on either side, your skin will be extra sensitive, causing unnecessary pain.

how to prepare for a brazilian wax

It may be nerve-wracking to think about being semi-nude in front of a stranger. For a bikini wax, you may be able to ask for a pair of disposable pants to cover up with, but not every salon will have these. It is a good idea to get comfortable with the idea of being nude during the wax beforehand and it should be less intimidating.

Depending on the type of wax that you choose, you may also be asked by the waxer to get in a few awkward positions. This can seem a bit funny at first, but will result in a fantastic wax!

Just remember that the waxer will have given waxes to hundreds of different people! A salon is a place without judgment. It is a professional business that wants its clients to have an enjoyable and comfortable experience.

You may also be scared of the pain. While it is true that waxing will cause some degree of pain, popular culture has blown this out of proportion. Some pain and discomfort will occur, but with a greater waxer, you have nothing to fear.

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