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What Does a Bikini Wax Look Like?

What Does a Bikini Wax Look Like?

When it comes to bikini waxing, there are a lot of questions that people ask. What does a bikini wax look like? Why do you have to have it done? Are there alternatives to the pain associated with this procedure? And the list goes on.

Before we jump into a detailed description of this treatment, let’s discuss why you would need a professional bikini wax in the first place.  It makes the bikini area smooth, flattens out some undesirable bumps, and looks neat and attractive.

What is Bikini Waxing?

Before getting into the details of bikini waxing, here is some information about this procedure.

A bikini wax, also known as a Brazilian wax, refers to the hair removal technique that uses hot wax to remove the hair from the bikini area. While it is done for aesthetic purposes, it can also be beneficial due to the results it achieves.

It’s crucial to choose the right type of wax for your bikini waxing. Hard wax is best used on the bikini area because the hair is so coarse. Hard wax goes on smoothly, and you can pull it right off with your hands once it hardens.

Before a bikini waxing treatment, your therapist will apply a warm wax solution to remove hair from your bikini area. After the wax hardens, the therapist will remove it quickly and painlessly from your bikini line using a spatula or muslin strip.

You can choose how much of the pubic area you want to be waxed. To avoid ingrown hairs, apply a warm compress to the area after a bikini wax.

Popular Bikini Wax Styles

If you are planning to get waxed, it might be good to know the different bikini waxing styles that are popular nowadays.

Ultimately, what style you go for depends on how much pain you can take and how much money you are willing to spend. If you are unsure which type of bikini wax is ideal for your situation, check out this list of common bikini waxing styles chosen by many people worldwide.

Regular Bikini Wax

A regular bikini wax removes hair from the sides of your bikini and is a little off the top—anything shown outside of a regular bikini. It’s perfect for women who don’t like to go completely bare but still want to be comfortable in a thong.

Full Bikini Wax

The full bikini wax includes removing hair from the bikini line entirely and may include removing some hair from the area above the bikini line. This gives you a defined triangle shape when viewed from above with little to no hair in sight!

French Bikini Wax

With the French bikini wax, hair is removed along the panty line and only leaves a small strip of hair in the front without taking it off from the back. This is ideal for women who want a clean and tidy look without wanting a clean Brazilian.

Brazilian Bikini Wax

Brazilian Bikini waxing is an all-inclusive adult salon service that removes all the hair seen in a brief swimsuit, including front to back on the sides of the bikini line. This waxing treatment leaves lasting smoothness that typically lasts for six weeks or more.

The Hollywood 

The Hollywood waxing removes all of the hair in the front, back, and in between to create a clean area that is smooth to the touch. You’ll achieve perfect hairless skin that is free of pesky strands, even when the hair grows back.

Does a bikini wax hurt?

Every wax job, regardless of where it is performed, will be somewhat uncomfortable. Brazilian waxes are no exception to this rule. When your hair is removed from the root, there may be an initial sting that comes with the first few pulls of the wax.

Once the full wax has been applied and then taken off, there will be a moment of discomfort as the skin returns to its natural state.

How to Prepare for a Bikini Wax

The steps for preparing for bikini waxing are simple enough. 

  • First, you avoid alcohol. 
  • Second, you drink plenty of water. 
  • Third, you avoid applying lotion. 
  • Fourth, do not shave the area to be waxed a month before your appointment. 
  • Fifth, take a few moments to mentally prepare yourself. 
  • Lastly, clean and exfoliate the bikini area.

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