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8 Signs That It’s Time to Look for a New Waxing Salon

8 Signs That It’s Time to Look for a New Waxing Salon


When you book waxing services at a salon, you are trusting the establishment and its staff to be fun, friendly, and professional. You expect the establishment to be clean, for people to treat you kindly and with respect, and for the services to be delivered well.


But sometimes, expectations are not met. The salon can be unkempt, the establishment may be unprofessional, and the services may be subpar. When you encounter any of these red flags, it may be time to reconsider where you book your next waxing appointment, so you get the best quality of service for the amount of money you pay.

8 Red Flags That Tell You to Book Your Waxing Appointment Elsewhere


When you’re new to waxing, you may not know what to expect. But this doesn’t mean you should feel uncomfortable, unsafe, and potentially risk a skin irritation or infection due to bad service.

Check out the red flags below to help make sure you avoid less than professional salons, so you can only have the best experience possible when getting your waxing done.

1. No Forms

Waxing is serious business. Hair will be pulled out from the root, and you risk potential skin irritation. Your health background does matter before you get yourself waxed.

Therefore, any salon that skips over getting you to fill out a form is overlooking potential risks which may not make you the best fit for waxing at that point in time.

Other than for billing purposes, filling out a form helps responsible salons assess your suitability for a waxing treatment. Allergies, existing health conditions, and your period are important considerations.

And if you do fill out a form, and they ignore your answer, you may be at the wrong end of a salon that is only doing things out of compliance and not practicing the best safety protocols.

2. Reusing Cloth Sheets

Though it’s alright to reuse sheets for environmental sustainability, it is important to take note of the cleanliness of the sheets the salon uses. For every client, they should be changing the sheets to ensure it is clean and safe.

This means you shouldn’t see stains or leftover wax on the sheets where they have you lie down, be it paper or cloth sheets. Signs of unchanged sheets are indicators of bad hygiene and may mean it’s time to look for a different waxing salon.

3. what is double dipping wax

If double-dipping in sauces is looked down upon in parties, the same applies in waxing salons. Every client deserves a fresh batch of wax.

This means that all tools used, spatulas and strips, should also be new, and not left inside the waxing pot. Doing so may cause the waxing pot to be a breeding ground for bacteria, which may cause skin irritations and infections.

4. No Gloves

When it comes to waxing, whatever body part you may be getting hair removed from, hygiene is of the utmost importance.

This means that at any point where your esthetician is performing the waxing procedure, he or she should wear fresh, clean gloves, to minimize the risk of contamination in the wax and skin irritation and infections for you.

5. They Take Too Long

Professional waxing estheticians should know what they are doing. This means that performing a waxing procedure any longer than they should, for example, exceeding the service allotted time is a clear sign that they don’t know what they are doing or that they are unnecessarily prolonging your session.

Always remember, wax should be applied in the direction of hair growth, while wax should be pulled against the direction of hair growth. Getting these wrong can result in a longer waxing time and will also increase the likelihood of ingrown hairs.

Whether they are unduly prolonging the procedure or doing it incorrectly is a sign you are better off looking for better services elsewhere.

6. No Post Wax Care Instructions

One of the benefits of working with friendly estheticians and a professional salon is they prioritize aftercare just as much as the service itself. 

After your waxing is done, the esthetician may share some bikini waxing tips or the salon will give you a post-care pamphlet that should help you manage freshly waxed sensitive skin.

7. Unsterilized Tools

Waxing doesn’t remove all the hairs every time. Because of uneven hair growth, it’s natural to have some hair leftover, which your esthetician will clean up using tweezers and similar tools. 

It’s important to pay attention to these tools that your esthetician uses, and make sure they are sterilized and clean before being used on you. Otherwise, you risk irritating your skin.

8. Unclean Facility

In a waxing salon, the quality of the service greatly depends on the state of their facility. If their rooms are unclean, it’s an indication that the salon isn’t taking care to make their service high-quality. A dirty facility risks contaminated wax and tools, which may compromise the quality of the waxing procedure.

High-Quality Waxing Services

Whether you’re looking to switch waxing salons or you’re trying out waxing for the first time, you can trust SOS Wax & Skincare to offer great quality waxing services at affordable price points.

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