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SOS Wax Opening Its New Center In Blue Diamond, Las Vegas

SOS Wax Opening Its New Center In Blue Diamond, Las Vegas

Look and feel your best while having a great time in the city that never sleeps. Say goodbye to unsightly hairs and embrace clean and soft skin with regular waxing.

You can DIY or visit any one of the numerous waxing salons all over the city. If you want to have the best Vegas experience, you should not compromise the quality of your waxing.

Trust only the tried and tested, and leave your waxing to SOS Wax! At Our beauticians are experts in offering all of our services at SOS Wax. Our services are of the highest quality, whether it’s waxing, facials, body wraps, or teeth whitening. 

Your One Stop Shop In Las Vegas

SOS Wax offers a full-service spa experience in Las Vegas. With our budget-friendly prices, you are sure to find your confidence and have a good time without breaking the bank.

Pick up your waxing routine or book your very first waxing appointment in any one of our SOS Wax locations in Las Vegas. Currently, we have locations in Providence, Aliente, and Summerlin. Soon, we’ll also be opening another branch in Blue Diamond, Las Vegas.

Our Blue Diamond center is going to be SOS Wax’s 4th location in Las Vegas, bringing our excellent services closer to anyone and everyone in the bustling city.

 sos wax blue diamond

All four of SOS Wax branches have a team of highly skilled and friendly staff who can offer you any one or all of our SOS Wax services to help you achieve the skin of your dreams. Come out feeling like you’ve had the ultimate spa experience without breaking the bank by visiting our newest branch along Blue Diamond and requesting our services.

Professional Waxing Services

Every member of our dedicated team of waxing specialists have undergone intensive training in all of our various waxing techniques, making them experts at hair removal who can transform any part of your body into a smooth and hairless surface.

Everyone is welcome at SOS Wax. Men and women alike can enjoy our wide range of waxing services. We have face waxing, bikini waxing, and body waxing services for women, while face waxing and bikini waxing services are available for men.

SOS Wax gives you smooth and hairless skin in Las Vegas at a price you can afford. Let us know how clean and smooth you want to be, and we’ll help make it happen.

Our customers are our priority, and our service is second to none. Rest assured you’re in safe hands with SOS Wax, and we guarantee you the privacy, professionalism, and respect you and your body deserve while you’re with us.


The priceless value of healthy skin cannot be overstated. At SOS Wax, we are passionate about skin care. All our aestheticians are highly skilled and trained to deliver all kinds of treatments and facials in our selection.

You can enjoy everything from hydrafacial for maintenance all the way to chemical peel treatments for newer and more supple skin. You also have the option to add on microdermabrasion or hydradermabrasion treatment to reveal younger looking skin. We even offer thermoclear consultation and service for rapid treatment of skin imperfections with minimal pain and zero downtime!

SOS Wax also offers the following packages and services:

  • Back facial
  • Intimate area lightening
  • The vagenie– a full package spa for women’s bikini area

Infrared Body Wraps

Weight loss has never felt this good or been this easy. Experience SOS Wax’s weight loss solution and feel great while looking good. With our infrared body wraps, you can burn up to 1400 calories, all while enjoying a much needed nap.

Book a single session to try out body wrapping for the first time or avail our unlimited package to enjoy as many body wrap sessions as you want in a span of four weeks. 

Teeth Whitening

Don’t let stained teeth prevent you from smiling your best. Smile confidently with the latest L.E.D. teeth whitening technology, available at any SOS Wax branch in Las Vegas.

In just a short span of two to three minutes, and at a price of a full course meal, you can now pop in to any SOS Wax branch near you and have whiter teeth and a brighter smile without having to spend on expensive dental care.

Book an appointment for yourself, or schedule our SOS Wax teeth whitening session with your partner or friend to enjoy the L.E.D. whitening experience together, and at an even better deal!

Book An Appointment With SOS Wax This Spring

Bikini Wax Near Me/Wax Center Near Me/Wax Hair Removal Near Me

At SOS Wax brings you the best waxing Las Vegas has to offer at an affordable price. As we open our fourth and newest SOS Wax branch in Blue Diamond, Las Vegas, we are making waxing services available to more people.

Visit SOS Wax waxing center Las Vegas to achieve the most comprehensive waxing experience with minimal worry or discomfort. Waxing doesn’t have to be nerve wracking or bank breaking. Just look up “waxing deals near me” and visit the highly rated SOS Wax branch closest to you.

We make your experience affordable by offering packages, bundles, and discounts. Last but not least, SOS Wax has a rewards program, so you can enjoy all the perks and promos.

Book an appointment on whichever day of the week, so you can receive stand out services whenever you need. We are open Monday to Saturdays from 8am to 8pm, and on Sundays from 9am to 6pm.Bid farewell to unwanted hair with SOS Wax’ waxing services, delivering effective and long lasting hair removal since 2017. Make your appointment today and get the confidence you need and deserve.