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Why You Should Start A Wax Routine For The Spring Season

Why You Should Start A Wax Routine For The Spring Season

As winter ends, you’ll notice more people booking appointments in waxing salons. Though it is always best to maintain a waxing routine even through winter, not everyone keeps up with it.

Especially underneath layers and layers of clothing, it’s totally understandable why some people choose to take a break from waxing. However, spring is a different story!  Spring is the perfect time to get back into waxing as we shed our winter layers, welcome the warmer weather, and prepare for spring break.

If you’ve put off waxing during the cold months and are thinking of whether to get on the spring waxing bandwagon, check out the reasons listed below as to why you should head back to SOS WAX and Skincare this spring.

Rock A Spring Wardrobe

The excitement of spring is largely due to trading our coats, knits, and sweats for shorts, dresses, and skirts. As the weather warms, heading outside and enjoying the season in good fashion is definitely something a lot of people look forward to.

And what better way to sport your spring wardrobe than to remove unsightly hairs through a good body wax? Start your waxing routine in the spring to show off your skin confidently and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Easier Upkeep

Waxing pulls hairs from the roots. As a result, repeated waxing can lead to weaker hair follicles and finer hair growth. This means it will take longer for your hair to grow back each time, which also means you will need to book waxing appointments less frequently to maintain your smooth and hair-free skin.

When it comes to waxing, it truly pays to keep up with a regular routine. Scheduling your waxing appointments three to four weeks apart in the beginning, and then gradually extending between your succeeding wax sessions, will lead to easier upkeep and longer-lasting results. Soon, you’ll not only be enjoying smooth and carefree skin during spring but also for the rest of the year!

Less Pain

With repeated waxing, hair follicles become weaker and hairs grow back finer, making it easier to pull them out from the roots. This also results in less pain with each succeeding session.

It’s great to start waxing at any point in the year, but it’s best in spring when you’re getting ready for more outdoor activities in which showing skin and feeling confident are crucial.

Smoother And Healthier Skin

During waxing, not only does pulling the wax off skin result in hairs being pulled out, it also simultaneously removes the top most layer of dead and dull skin.

As winter air dries the skin, it may lead to dull and rough skin. Thus, starting a waxing routine during spring will also exfoliate your skin and leave you with fresher, smoother, and healthier looking skin.

Summer Ready

Waxing is not a one time ordeal. In fact, it is a process that gets better over time. When skin is waxed for the first time, it’s going to be sensitive and prone to irritation, more so if you’re not used to waxing.

If it’s been some time since you’ve had your waxing done, or if this is the first time you’re ever going to get waxed, you should consider the recommended downtime post wax.

Due to potential irritation like itchiness, redness, and even allergic reactions, aestheticians or waxing technicians warn against the following:

  • Tight clothing
  • Swimming
  • Excessive sweating
  • Application of scented products and active ingredients 

This means that rather than putting off starting a waxing routine in the summer when you’re bound to sweat more, go swimming, or go on a vacation, it’s better to start your waxing routine early and give your skin the time it needs to get used to waxing.

Furthermore, starting your waxing routine in spring also prepares your skin for finer hair growth. This means you will have less need to remove hair and will need less frequent trips to the waxing salon, giving you more time to enjoy summer.

Start Your Waxing Routine This Spring

Why wait for summer when you can get started with your waxing routine this spring? Say goodbye to unsightly and uncomfortable hairs on your body and embrace springtime while improving your skin texture and reaping the long-term benefits of waxing hair removal.

Whether it’s hair on your arms, legs, or bikini area, removing them with a good regular waxing appointment today is the first step to having smoother and healthier-looking skin that stays that way for long, and with less pain and upkeep.

At SOS Wax, we offer everything from Brazilian waxing all the way to men’s waxing in Las Vegas, and without the steep price tag, to help you keep up with your waxing routine this spring. Book an appointment today and enjoy the confidence boost you deserve!