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How to Get Your Man to the Waxing Salon

How to Get Your Man to the Waxing Salon

If you’re dating a man who has a bit more body hair than you’re comfortable with, you’re probably itching to bring up the topic of waxing for men in Las Vegas for hair removal. But how should you do it without hurting his feelings or causing a fight?

Maintaining a waxing schedule at a trusted salon is so common for us, women. For best results, instead of using a razor for shaving our body hair, we now prefer wax treatment as a part of our regular grooming for hairless and smoother skin, free of dead skin cells.

The same can happen for men. There are so many reasons for men to get body waxing, and they’re the same reasons women do—avoid ingrown hairs, have better hair growth, prevent razor bumps, and so much more! We want to feel good and look even better, and reliable waxing salons and highly skilled technicians have made removing unwanted hair so easy.

The next time you’re with your man, don’t be shy to bring up the topic of hair removal and male waxing. He may be a little scared of waxing services since he’s never tried them, but if you tell him why you wax and show him your baby smooth skin, he may just be open to trying it.

When he gives you the go signal, you can even book yourselves a couple’s appointment in one of the best salons that offer waxing for men in Las Vegas!

So, How Do You Convince Your Man He Needs a Wax?

Everyone has hair and it’s part of being human. But just because you have hair doesn’t mean you can’t use a bit of grooming, which is one of the best elements of self-care. The same way men get haircuts and groom their facial hair, their body hair should receive some care and attention.

We’re not saying men should be hairless! But just a touch of wax in some key places can make a world of a difference when it comes to one’s comfort, appearance, and confidence. For example, more men like to get waxing for their eyebrows, hairy chest, shoulders, and legs— even Brazilian waxing for men in Las Vegas.

Ready to have the conversation with your man? Check out the tips below to put your man’s worries about waxing pain and he can finally take the plunge and give waxing a try.

couples waxing

If your man is a bit hesitant about getting waxed, he’s probably scared about something he has never tried before. A great way to put his fears to rest is by going with him and getting waxed together!

Recall your first waxing appointment. You were probably also scared and had someone with you or hoped someone would, your man is no different!

Having someone with you can make the idea of waxing a lot less intimidating, especially if that is someone dear to you. So instead of pushing your man for a men wax treatment, book a couple’s waxing appointment for the both of you in a reputable salon and turn an otherwise intimidating experience into a date!

he’s a man of wax

If you want a smooth sailing waxing experience for your man, the last thing you should do is to directly enforce him to have men’s waxing services in Las Vegas. Men are sensitive creatures too, and telling them you don’t like how much hair they have can hurt their ego and things can go the opposite direction.

On the other hand, validation can go a long way. Compliment your man and tell him you find him so appealing when he is well-groomed. This gives him the idea to groom his hair, so he can look better and seem more captivating to you, and not because you want him to.

Compliments have the powerful effect of convincing people to do something. So the next time you feel like telling your man to go get waxed, try using compliments to give him a taste of the confidence he will feel once he finally gives waxing a try.

the wax salon

As much as we want our men to do certain things our way, we have to accept that they are the lords of their bodies, and sometimes, they just hate waxing. After all, not everyone likes waxes. But that’s not the end of it.

In these situations, you should try offering a compromise. If your man really dislikes the idea of getting waxed, you can offer an agreement by doing something he likes, like making him his favorite meal, taking him out for a relaxing massage, or bringing him to watch his favorite game.

This won’t make him like getting waxed, but a sweet gesture may just entice him enough to get waxed!

Give Him the Everyone Else is Doing It Card

A lot of men are apprehensive about body waxing because they think waxing is something that’s only for women or not for guys. But that is not true at all! More men are getting waxed, and if your man knows it, he may not find body waxing for men so intimidating!

By giving your man the “everyone else is doing it” card, you are helping validate the decision for him to get waxed. As social creatures, we like to do what other people do and if you show your man that a lot of other men get waxed as well, especially men he looks up to like celebrities or athletes, you may change his views on male waxing, and you may just get him to try it.

Choose the Best Men’s Waxing Services for Your Needs


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