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How Does a Bikini Wax Last?

How Does a Bikini Wax Last?


Bikini waxing falls under the category of personal grooming. This means that many women take the time to attend to their appearance, keeping it clean and neat. After all, it’s not every day your hair gets ripped off from your lady garden.

However, once you’re finally ready for it and go through with it, you’ll find that new hair won’t grow back in the same way at all. While we might not like shaving or waxing, we still insist on doing so because of the results.

Regardless of which hair removal method you choose, it’s imperative to stay educated on how long your ideal hair removal method will last and what factors can affect regrowth.

We’ll examine the duration bikini wax types may last and what might affect how quickly it does so.

Factors Affecting Hair Regrowth After Waxing

Besides understanding how hair growth happens after waxing, you should also understand the factors affecting hair regrowth.

If you have proper knowledge of the effects of waxing on hair growth, then you will be able to make a balanced decision on whether to go for waxing or not.

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How often you get waxed, the frequency of your visits determines how long you can expect your wax to last. Waxing provides long-lasting results! You only need to wax every three to four weeks—that’s a whole lot less often than shaving.

Your Age

Did you know that age has everything to do with the results of bikini waxing as far as hair growth goes? The younger that we are, the more we can influence how our body reacts to waxing, and the result will be longer-lasting.

As we get older, we start to lose skin elasticity and sensitivity, making us less prone to hair removal on and around these areas and more likely to sprout hair on a more regular basis.


Hormones in women and men play a role in determining how quickly hair grows and thus in determining how soon you will need to get another bikini waxing treatment.

Different individuals have different hormone levels, such as estrogen (for women) therefore, their hair grows back differently after getting a bikini wax.

Maintenance Techniques

Whether you just had your very first bikini wax or are a veteran at the spa, you will want to know how to keep your bikini smooth and sexy for longer than just four weeks.

Proper technique, while you’re getting a wax, is crucial, but aftercare maintenance is also crucial for lasting results. By using aftercare products within minutes of leaving the salon, you can help eliminate redness, protect the surrounding skin, and keep your design smooth and sexy for longer than four weeks.

Stages of Hair Growth

Hair growth happens in three stages. 80% of hair is in a growing phase, 10% are in the resting phase, and 10% are in transition. This means that when one gets waxed, there are hairs underneath that are growing, but not long enough to grasp.

Each stage of hair growth has a different effect on how long your waxing results will last.


The direction that hair grows, known as the “growth phase” or anagen phase, is determined by genetics. Each hair starts in this stage regardless of how long it’s been since the last time the hair was shaved off.

Depending on your genetic makeup, your hair will spend a certain period in the growth phase. The amount of time spent in the transition phase varies too, but it’s also determined by genetics.

Does It Depend On the Waxing Area?

The bikini area is the term used to describe the delicate skin in between your stomach and your legs. Different areas of the bikini region have different needs when it comes to waxing.

Climbing the growth cycle, resting, and transitioning phases are all unique needs for each area of skin. That’s why there’s no one one-size-fit bikini waxing technique.

DIY vs. Professional Waxing

There are two different types of bikini waxing, professional and at-home. At-home bikini waxing can be a tempting alternative to going to a salon. It sounds more convenient and less expensive, right?

However, the results you get from professional bikini waxing can far outweigh what you get from an at-home process. A qualified technician will be thorough in their work and will guarantee lasting results.

The best bet is to trust the pros: empowering yourself is one thing, but know your limits!

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