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7 Tips Before Getting a Bikini Wax

7 Tips Before Getting a Bikini Wax

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to feel the smoothness of waxed skin yourself?  You have been thinking about it for a long time and are looking forward to it.

You’ve been researching waxing services in your town, comparing prices, and reading plenty of Yelp reviews. However, you still have some lingering questions that have gone unanswered.

These days, having a professional wax job is not only preferred by most women. It is also necessary to look and feel great (not to mention that it never hurts and removes all the unwanted and unnecessary hair).

Before you shell out money for this hair removal procedure, make sure to get informed about what kinds of Las Vegas waxing services are available for your body hair, concerns, the discomfort level associated with each, and how to prepare for them.

This guide seeks to provide you with all these recommendations to inform you before getting a Brazilian wax.

Find a Reputable Salon

Finding reputable waxing salons in your area is no easy task. But thanks to the Internet, finding the right waxing salon is easier than ever. Do some research on your area’s different waxing salons before making an appointment.

A good place to start is on Google, Yelp, or CitySearch. These sites will offer you reviews and recommendations of popular waxing salons in your area. Also, find out if the studio uses all disposable tools and waxes, uses clean sheets between each guest for cleanliness purposes, and never double-dips their tools when waxing.

Before and after visiting one of these facilities, it’s imperative that you feel comfortable with the place and the staff.

Inform your Waxer about ANY Skin Issues

Ideally, your waxer should know any skin conditions you have before waxing. This will allow them to customize your waxing session accordingly.

Be sure to let your waxer know if you have any skin irritation, herpes, sunburn, rash, bruise, or anything you think might be a problem. Some hair removal creams and waxes can cause skin irritation or even infection if the person being waxed has damaged skin.

Be Prepared for Redness and Bumps

The first thing you’ll notice after waxing is that your skin will be red, probably more so than you think it’ll be. But don’t worry, this is normal for most people.

The skin takes 24 to 48 hours to calm down, so you may have some bumps during the next week or so. As long as they are not painful or inflamed, there’s no need to worry.

Make Sure Your Hair is the Right Length

Your hair should be around a quarter of an inch long to get successful results with waxing. If it’s longer, waxing will be more painful, while shorter will lead to ingrowns. But, how do you know when it’s the desired length?

Perfect Length is about a quarter of an inch, but not as short as a grain of rice. Shorter hair has less wax to grab onto, so it may not come off at all–and that’s painful! Longer hair will be extra painful as the wax catches more hair.

Consider Going Outside Your Period

If you are one of the many women who are always in search of the perfect time to get a full bikini wax, don’t fret! When it comes to your first time getting a Brazilian wax, it’s best to stick to your monthly cycle.

Here’s why: you won’t bleed all over the waxer and their tools, and you won’t have any hormonal surprises—you never know when Aunt Flow is going to pay a visit and create a mess.

While you can technically get a Brazilian wax at any time of the month, if this is your first visit to a salon that offers Brazilian wax services, we recommend waiting for “that time of the month” before making an appointment.

Take a Shower and Exfoliate Beforehand

Stretch your skin and open your pores by taking a warm shower (or bath!) to soften your hairs so the wax will grab onto them easily rather than pull on your skin. Try to exfoliate as well: the smoother the skin, the less pain you’ll experience.

Wear Loose Clothing 

You’ll want to wear loose clothing to and after your waxing treatment. Avoid wearing tight jeans, pants, or any other skimpy getup that might rub up against your skin, because if you do experience redness or irritation, it will last even longer! 

Make sure you can’t feel the waxed area when you’re out and about the next day—if it’s still tender, don’t wear tight-fitting clothing. And avoid putting on too much friction while you’re exercising or working out at the gym too—you don’t want ingrown hairs, which tend to happen after waxing.

Schedule an Appointment Today

In Las Vegas, you’re always on the go. So when it’s time to retreat from the world and get back to beauty basics, it’s best to get to a salon that doesn’t take up all of your days. 

Treat your bits to a traditional Brazilian, or give them a modern update with a SOS WAX treatment. We have waxing experts who have performed thousands of procedures so ask about our deals for clients on their first visit!