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Benefits of Male Brazilian Waxing

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Over the last few years, the world has changed. More and more men have been opting to get a Brazilian wax, but what exactly is a Brazilian wax?

A Brazilian wax, sometimes referred to as a manzilian, refers to a male waxing treatment that removes the body hair completely from your intimate areas. This is a common option for bodybuilders who are looking for the visual aesthetic of a clean wax and any man who wants to be more sanitary.

Shaving vs. Waxing: Which Hair Removal Method is Better for Men?

Waxing is a fantastic alternative to shaving because it lowers the risk of razor burns and cuts. This means that there is less injury and there is a lower risk of skin irritation occurring. Additionally, the hair regrowth rate post-waxing is significantly slower. This is because the body needs to completely replace the lost hair, and when it does, the hair grows back slower and finer than traditional hair removal methods.

Because of the nature of razor shaving, waxing proves to be the more beneficial method in lowering hair growth and promoting cleanliness. For bodybuilders and athletes, the added sanitation and muscle definition that it provides is a great bonus.

Advantages of Male Brazilian Waxing

Male Brazilian waxes provide a range of benefits for anyone interested in undertaking cosmetic procedures. Let’s explore some of these benefits and find out why this is a widely used male waxing service.

Low Maintenance and Cost-Effective

When you undergo an effective waxing of the designated area, it completely slows down the rate at which your hair grows back. Waxing removes hair from the root and allows the body to completely regrow it, not repair it. This takes the body substantially more time and provides you with lower costs and hassle in needing to constantly maintain the area.

Prevents Body Odor

Dense hair in different regions of the body presents a body odor issue. When you cleanly remove this hair through the use of a waxing process, this lowers the body odor produced, which leaves you with a more pleasant and easily-maintained smell. Waxing is a great way to reduce body odor, as it removes the sweat and bacteria that can cause unpleasant smells.

Less Risk of Stubble and Rough Skin

Stubble and rough skin are a result of damage caused by traditional shaving methods. This is common because these hair strands need to be repaired by the body. When you wax and the hair is removed from the root, it leaves the area with a finer quality of hair and softer skin. 

Exfoliates the Skin

Waxing provides a wonderful form of gentle exfoliation for the skin. This causes the skin to look and feel softer whilst also giving it a stunning natural glow. Exfoliation is good for the skin because it improves the quality and health of the skin barrier.

Lasts Up To 4 Weeks

Depending on your hair regrowth rate, waxing your hair can last up to 4 weeks before another session is needed. Since hair grows back at a slower rate, your body and skin need time to reproduce what they have lost. This leaves you with a longer-lasting shave and cleaner appearance with less maintenance needed.

What to Expect During Your Male Brazilian Session

The first step to take before getting your Manzilian appointment is to have recently showered before the session. This is to cleanse the skin thoroughly and prepare it for the wax. An important note is that lotion should not be used on the area as it could make it difficult for the wax to stick to the hair. 

Hair Length Pre-Waxing

It is important that the unwanted hair in the designated section is a quarter inch in size before going to the appointment. This is because the wax itself becomes less efficient when it is attached to long hair. With longer hair, it forms a dense mush that pulls on the skin and causes pain. With shorter hair, the wax is easier to spread, and the efficiency of the hair removal process is increased.

Gently exfoliating your skin the night before the appointment greatly lowers the risk of ingrown hairs. These can be quite irritating to the skin, and lowering the risk of one form will greatly improve the comfortability of this section.

After The Procedure

After the treatment, you will notice redness and puffiness in the section. It is completely normal to have this, and it will go away after the first 48 hours. It is important to not exfoliate the skin during this period as it could irritate the skin. 

After the redness and puffiness have subsided, you can exfoliate the area every few days. Exfoliating your skin every few days lowers the risk of ingrown hairs, which could impact your comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

A bit nervous about your first appointment? There is no need to worry. We have all the information you need. Here are some common questions that many male customers often ask themselves before an appointment.

What should I wear?

 It’s important to dress appropriately for the occasion, so it’s best to consider the type of salon you are visiting and the services you are receiving. If you are visiting a high-end salon, you may want to dress accordingly. While it is not necessary to dress up to the nines, it is important to show respect for the establishment and the professionals you are visiting.

How often should I wax?

The best time to wax is when your hair reaches a quarter of an inch. This means that your hair is in the perfect stage of hair growth, and the waxing process will be substantially easier. 

How long does Brazilian wax last?

This is dependent on your hair growth rate. The average time that wax lasts is around four weeks, but this time can take longer or shorter based on how your body works. The more sessions that you go through, the easier it becomes to maintain the section due to lowered hair regrowth.

What should I avoid after male wax?

Avoid exfoliation for the next 48 hours. Strenuous activities and hot zones such as saunas should also be avoided so that you don’t irritate the skin.

Can I take a bath after my waxing session?

You can bathe two hours after your appointment. Your skin needs time to breathe and repair. If you shower, it is best to use lukewarm water that soothes the skin rather than irritates it. 

Count on SOS Wax for Professional Male Brazilian Waxing Services

Having the correct assistance from a trained professional is the most important step in any hair removal treatment. If a waxing session is not conducted correctly, you run the risk of developing skin infections, irritation, and clogged pores. 

Las Vegas waxing salons are frequented by men on a budget who want to remove hair from their arms and shoulders, chest, back, stomach, legs, and nose or correct a skin condition, as well as men pursuing a healthy glow.

SOS Wax has assisted hundreds of guys or male clients with the perfect Brazilian wax, manscaping, bikini line wax, treatments, skincare, and waxing experience that meets their needs while also taking care of their skin. With the right tools and assistance, a waxing procedure can be painless and effortless. 

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