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8 Reasons to Indulge in Slimming Body Wraps

8 Reasons to Indulge in Slimming Body Wraps

What if we told you that a visit to the spa could help you not only relax, but help you achieve extraordinary results?

The spa is far more than just a nice place to visit. Treat yourself today and indulge in the ultimate slimming body wraps in Las Vegas. If you haven’t tried a body wrap yet, we invite you to experience the amazing effects for yourself in our facilities.

Perhaps the most instantly-visible treatment, a skin wrap can give the body a sleeker appearance. There are two types of wraps that can be used for this treatment: body wraps and facial wraps.

The former is used to improve the body’s contours, while the latter is used on the face to improve firmness and smooth wrinkles.

Indeed, body wraps are not just about reducing excess fat. If this sounds like something you would like to try, then continue reading, and we will give you reasons why you should indulge in slimming body wraps.

Dead Skin Cell Removal 

The Exfoliation treatment is a vital step in body wrap treatment. It helps prepare your skin and boost circulation, making it smooth, soft, and even-toned.

You can carry out the treatment with scrub gloves or an exfoliation glove before applying the body wrap.

Exfoliating is great for the skin because it helps to remove dead skin cells. The infrared body wraps stimulate blood circulation, which tightens the skin and contributes to younger-looking and more beautiful skin.

Temporary Weight Loss

Slimming body wraps contain a proprietary body contouring ingredient that dissolves in the solution used for the treatment.

 As such, the treatment is perfect for people who want to look younger than their age, feel smoother and at the same time give their skin a boost of collagen.

Though the results are short-lived, they’re worth every second. A body wrap can flush toxins and water weight through the skin using a proprietary blend of ingredients.


The infrared body wraps are suitable for detoxifying the skin through natural elements, including algae, seaweed, a range of sea salts, and mud or clay rich in minerals. This body wrap will draw impurities and toxins away from the skin.

The wrap produces immediate results, relieving aches and pains and improving the appearance and tone of the skin as soon as the toxins are flushed away. The slimming body wraps leave the skin with a youthful, brighter luminescence that gives an instant boost in confidence.


Ever wished for a bit of downtime, just for yourself?

Treat yourself to a slimming body wrap in Las Vegas at the SOS Wax Skin Care branch of your choice. With your selection of essential oil treatments, you’ll feel at your most relaxed as you unwind with this body wrap treatment.

While there is no denying the benefits that body wrap treatments can bring, even just the simple act of taking time for yourself and relaxing quietly is a real treat in itself.


Body wraps are a popular spa treatment for individuals who suffer from dry skin.

A typical wrap uses a combination of body oil, powders, and lotions to infuse moisture into the skin. This moisturizing treatment adheres to the outer layer of the skin, unlike a poultice that penetrates deeper into the skin.

The skin’s hydration helps reduce the uncomfortable symptoms associated with dryness, such as itching and cracking. You will also notice that infrared body wraps are an excellent way to promote a healthy and glowing complexion.

Cellulite Reduction 

Slimming with infrared body wraps is a proven method for reducing the appearance of Cellulite.

By trapping heat beneath the skin and increasing blood circulation, these wraps break down fat reserves and promote the breakdown of toxins. The result: Skin becomes firmer, stretch marks from pregnancy fade, the weight seems to melt away.

While they may look intimidating at first, infrared body wraps provide up to several hours of relaxing heat with little discomfort, especially if you are accustomed to using a sauna or steam room.

Pain Reduction 

Infrared body wraps also help to reduce pain and increase fitness.

The heat that penetrates the body increases blood flow, blood circulation and acts on painful nerve endings, relaxing pain. Athletes undergo infrared body wrap treatments to treat sore muscles and speed up recovery after injuries, sprains, and strains.

The therapy is also popular with arthritis and other chronic pain patients. Infrared body wrap therapy warms the muscles, relaxes the joints, stimulates blood flow, and improves metabolism to aid traumas and chronic pain.

Mood and Sleep Improvements 

The body wrap is a full-body treatment that wraps your entire body with infrared light and keeps you warm to increase your efficiency to release the toxins in your body. It helps you relax, soothes your tired muscles, improves your sleep, loses weight, looks younger, and has more beautiful health.

New concepts in infrared therapy combined with new instruments for body wrapping and treatment application lead to high effectiveness and physiological response of patients.

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Infrared body wraps offer a less invasive, non-surgical way to slim down and firm up the appearance of your skin.

They utilize infrared technology employed by professional weight loss and body sculpting centers while saving you the expense and hassle of multiple appointments. Some people even use wraps to aid in pain management, offering therapeutic relief for injuries or joint problems.

Infrared body wraps can help:

  • Soothe your nerves
  • Relax muscles
  • Relieve stress
  • Boost your overall energy levels
  • Improve the appearance of your skin
  • Reduce fat concentrations in trouble zones

Relaxation is the most immediate effect of infrared sweat wrap treatment, and it may help the patient improve their mood and sleep activity.

Slimming infrared body wrap treatments aim to temporarily reduce the size of the patient’s body by stimulating their metabolism and boosting their energy level. It has organic ingredients with a natural fragrance that attracts sweat glands and permeates skin tissue to deliver fast visible effects. 

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