SOS WAX and Skincare

New Employee Checklist

Before Day 1

We need you ready on Day 1 of your training. You must accomplish these tasks before Day 1 starts.

Complete SOS Employee Intake. Should have been completed from Welcome Email. If not completed: Click Here

Read and sign off the New Employee Guidelines: Click Here

Complete SOS Pre-Employment Survey: Click Here

Go to the SOS Policy Page. Read each policy: Click Here

    • Signature at bottom of the policy page required

Read the SOS Uniform Guidelines: Click Here

Send picture or scan of Driver’s License, Social Security Card and Esti License (if applicable) to [email protected]

Onboard with our payroll company. You will get an email from [email protected] to your personal email you entered on your intake.

  • Must be complete. You must enter your W4, I9 and Direct Deposit information. Your ID scans are required for us to complete the I9 documentation.
  • Once the payroll onboarding is complete you should receive an email to create a login. This might take a few days. Recommend you download the Paychex Flex app. You will receive your paystubs and W2 information through the Paychex app.


ALL: Request to join our Employee Only Team SOS WAX Facebook Page: Click Here

    • You must have a Facebook account. This is how we make employee announcements to whole company. The pages are not visible to the public.

FRONT DESK ONLY: Also join our Front Desk SOS WAX Facebook Page: Click Here

    • This is how we communicate Front Desk specifics

Set up your company email on your smart phone: Click Here

    • If you are still having trouble after the video tutorial above: Click Here
    • If you are unable to set-up your company email, your trainer can assist you on Day 1

Set up Deputy account. You should have received an invite to your new email.

    • This is our timecard and scheduling system. Please upload a selfie (realistic, no filter) for our facial recognition timecards

Go to our Training Page and start watching videos for your job: Click Here

    • You won’t start training if you don’t watch the training videos
    • Front Desk: you must watch all Booker videos before Day 1 at a minimum
    • Estheticians: contact your Day 1 trainer to ensure you have watched the proper videos before Day 1

Make sure you are on time, look professional and ready to start training on Day 1. First impressions matter.

    • Estheticians: If you don’t have the Pewter Grey Scrubs on Day 1. Wear all Black. Yoga Pants and Shirt.

During Training

These are items that we need completed before training is complete.

You are responsible for your training packet. Your trainers will fill it out, but if you are missing an item it is your responsibility to bring it up to the trainer so we can ensure you are prepared.

Come to each day of training prepared and ready to perform. You must be ready for your training day…well-rested, nourished, prepared with homework complete and in proper attire. Don’t forget to smile!

Have your trainer make you an SOS nametag. You must wear your nametag at all times while working.

    • Your first nametag is complimentary. They are $5 each if you need a replacement.

Estheticians ONLY: You must have your own tweezers and brow scissors. These tools are highly dependent on personal preference and thus are not provided. 

  • Trainers can help you out with recommendations. But you should have a good set of tools for your chosen career. It is worth the investment. 

A condition of employment is the Employment Agreement. We will have this printed and ready for signature on Day 1. Estheticians also must sign the Training Arrangement contract to begin.

    • We take our business seriously and only want employees that wish to be part of the team.

You should see your name in the Booker dropdown menu no later than Day 2 of training. Notify the trainer if your name is not in the Booker dropdown.

Front Desk ONLY: You should have your own Booker login no later than Day 2 of training. Notify the trainer if haven’t received your Booker login info.