Jul 2016


  • Initial Microblading Consult

    • Appointment Only $25

    Required prior to Initial Microblading procedure.  Your $25 consult fee will be discounted from the Initial Microblading price if you do the service.

  • Initial Microblading Brow

    • Varies by work required $300 - $550

    Our revolutionary Microblading technique is the future of semi-permanent brows. It is realistic hair strokes that create beautiful and natural looking brows. Your initial procedure includes a complete customization of your brow shape and color. It also includes one touch-up done four to six weeks after your appointment.

  • Microblading Touch Up within 1 Year of Initial

    • Appointment Only $150

    If after your included touch up you would like to alter, add fullness or color to your brows, book our mini touch up. This service is available from 3-11 months after your initial brow procedure.

  • Microblading Touch Up After 1 Year of Initial

    • Appointment Only $225

    This service is available from 12-24 months after your initial Microblading procedure.