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Intimate Waxing 101: Male Brazilian Wax Las Vegas

Intimate Waxing 101: Male Brazilian Wax Las Vegas


Men are taking hair removal into their own hands with male Brazilian waxing treatments. Popularized by the infamous process of a female Brazilian wax, men are discovering the benefits of removing hair in this sensitive region. 

When taking care of your intimate areas properly, nothing compares to the personal touch of a waxing salon. Unlike shaving, waxing has long-lasting smoothness and doesn’t cause painful ingrown hairs or rash. 

 Did you know that this waxing service can trace its history back to the Viking era in Scandinavia? Or that it was also practised by men in India over 3,000 years ago? Brazilian waxing has been popular through centuries past, as well as now, since the 1800s. 

It’s important not to think of the Brazilian waxing process as a simple treatment for hair removal but also as a functional and aesthetic service.

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Brazilian waxing is a hair removal technique that pulls hair from the root. 

This hair removal method involves applying a sticky wax to the groin area and then quickly pulling the hair from its roots, so it grows back finer, sparser and softer. 

Waxing doesn’t cut the hair; it pulls the hair out from its follicle, causing less breakage and in turn, fewer ingrowns. This process removes the entire hair shaft at the root, resulting in longer-lasting results. It exfoliates the skin while removing unwanted hair, for a smoother, hair-free feeling without any razor stubble. 

Understanding the Process


  • Do not take a hot shower before your wax – this will open your pores and make it difficult for the wax to stick.
  • Make sure that you are clean and hair-free during your appointment
  • Trimming before your appointment makes the entire process quicker
  • Do not drink alcohol
  • Take a painkiller if your skin is extra sensitive.

During the Appointment

  • The first step in this process is a consultation to ensure that you and our estheticians are on the same page about expectations for your waxing service in Las Vegas.
  • You should opt for high-quality wax to help ensure the process goes smoothly. If you’re looking for a convenient hair removing wax that’s supposed to be gentle to your skin, you should go with a professional waxing range.
  • Understand that there will be pain involved, but certainly not as much as you think. The pain associated with Brazilian wax is usually compared to a mosquito bite and lasts only a few minutes. Plus, after you get used to a couple of waxes, it won’t be as bad as your first one.

How it Is Done

The expert beautician will begin by assessing your bikini region to determine the wax level you require, strip it clean with a pre-wax cleanser, and apply hot wax section by section. 

The wax will be removed in the opposite direction of growth from below the knee to above the waist to avoid any extra pain or discomfort. Afterwards, you can expect to see smooth skin that’s free of unwanted hair.

After Care

After getting a Brazilian wax, proper aftercare is extremely important. After your hair follicles are opened by waxing, it’s crucial to take care of the skin. If the skin has not been cared for following a Brazilian wax, it will be more susceptible to infection and irritation.

  • Apply an exfoliant to your skin daily to get rid of dead skin cells and surface residue left from the wax. Exfoliate one to three times per week, or daily if you are sensitive to ingrown hairs.
  • Avoid workouts that may cause blemishes or other skin irritations.
  • Wait for at least 24 hours after a Brazilian wax before you do anything in bed.
  • It’s important to wear loose-fitting clothes for a couple of days after your wax. This helps the area heal faster and avoids friction, which can lead to sweat and bacteria buildup.

Book A Session With Us

Brazilian male waxing is a deceptively simple procedure. It takes a lot less time than you might think, and the results can be utterly astonishing. 

Thanks to years of careful waxing on the part of our expert estheticians, we’ve developed a process that yields great results with virtually no pain-and after your first session, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to do it. 

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