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SOS WAX and Skincare

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 SOS WAX and Skincare

Our goal is to give you an outstanding experience.  From start to finish, your appointment will be easy and convenient.  You are a busy person, this experience won’t be work.  We’ll give you educated and expert skincare advice.  Whether you visit us for waxing, microblading, lash extensions, facial, or teeth whitening service, we want you to look and feel your best after your service.

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Infrared Body Wraps

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SOS Wax Brazilian Waxing



Feel free to use your favorite device at any time to schedule your first, or next appointment.

Our scheduling software was chosen to give you the most elegant experience in the minimum amount of time.  

You’ll find yourself coming back all the time because its so easy!  

Try it out.

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[nova_blank_spacer height=”90px”][nova_icon_box animation=”pop-up” title=”NORTH LOCATION” text=”6180 N. Decatur Boulevard, Suite 102. 702-706-2121″ icon=”map-marker” style=”left-style-2″][nova_icon_box animation=”pop-up” title=”SOUTH LOCATION” text=”9484 West Flamingo Rd, Suite 160. 702-907-8070″ icon=”map-marker” style=”left-style-2″]

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[nova_blank_spacer height=”90px”][nova_icon_box animation=”pop-up” animation_delay=”600″ title=”FREE WIFI” text=”Before, during, or after your appointment, feel free to enjoy our FREE Wifi. For customers only.” icon=”rss” style=”left-style-2″]

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Meet the SOS WAX Team







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SOS Wax Brazilian Waxing

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