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BIKINI WAX HOW MUCH One question many clients have is how much hair will actually be removed during a bikini wax. This is a totally normal question and one we hear all the time from our clients. People want to know different bikini wax types and what these look like in order to choose the best option for them. When it comes to getting a wax, sometimes it can be

For anyone new to waxing, it may seem like there are a hundred different options out there and that the process of getting a wax is not very clear. First and foremost, it is important to find bikini waxing services from a trusted and reliable salon that you are sure will leave you with great results. Keep reading to learn not only the difference between hard and soft wax but

WHAT IS A BIKINI WAX It is completely normal to be nervous or even scared if you have just booked your first bikini wax. We have all seen those scenes in movies and TV shows where a girl walks into a Las Vegas waxing services salon for an intimate wax and maybe even screams in pain. This has built a culture of fear around waxes but just remember–these films are

WAXING TIMEWAXED SALON When you book waxing services at a salon, you are trusting the establishment and its staff to be fun, friendly, and professional. You expect the establishment to be clean, for people to treat you kindly and with respect, and for the services to be delivered well. WAXING SALON But sometimes, expectations are not met. The salon can be unkempt, the establishment may be unprofessional, and the services

Waxing involves the removal of hair from the roots. This can cause skin irritation, which is why it is not advisable to expose waxed skin to any potential irritants within 24 hours post-wax. Professional bikini waxing places know the importance of giving awareness to their clients to prevent irritation. This means that 24 hours after a waxing session, you  must not: Swim or sunbathe Undergo heat or UV treatments like

Nothing beats the silky smooth and free sensation that comes with a fresh bikini wax. However, when it comes to bikini waxing services, one person’s idea may differ from another’s. A bikini wax can mean anything from your classic bikini wax all the way to a full Brazilian bikini wax. If you’re considering one, check out what it consists of, which areas you can have hair removed, and what you

Nothing screams summer-ready than a good bikini wax. Coming out of a Las Vegas waxing services salon feeling smooth and ready to flaunt your summer body just helps everyone feel more confident. But if you’ve had your bikini wax a few weeks ago, you may not feel as confident as you notice hairs beginning to grow back. Check out these guidelines know when you’re due for your next bikini wax,

Most people with sensitive skin assume that getting a bikini wax is out of the question, but this isn’t necessarily true. Not only can people with sensitive skin get waxing services done, but there are several things they can do to ensure they experience a smooth procedure. The term “sensitive skin” applies to many people who have different types of skin. If you have sensitive skin, you may have to

BIKINI WAX Bikini waxing falls under the category of personal grooming. This means that many women take the time to attend to their appearance, keeping it clean and neat. After all, it’s not every day your hair gets ripped off from your lady garden. However, once you’re finally ready for it and go through with it, you’ll find that new hair won’t grow back in the same way at all.