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6 Benefits of Bikini Waxes

6 Benefits of Bikini Waxes

Bikini Wax/Bikini Waxing

When it comes to hair removal, there are usually two camps of people, those who shave their hair and those who wax it off. While it is true that both come with some benefits, we heartily believe that choosing waxing services is the way to go. 

To learn more about why waxing is the best hair removal option out there, we have compiled a list of the top six benefits of getting a bikini wax and why it can make you feel like a rockstar.

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1. Efficiency

One of the biggest benefits of getting a bikini wax is just how fast the process is. When done by a professional waxer, a bikini wax can be done in a matter of minutes with stunning results. 

Gone are the days of contorting in the shower to try to get rid of lingering hairs only to discover the next day that you missed a patch. A wax will swiftly remove all unwanted hair leaving behind a smooth, hairless surface.

2. Goodbye Ingrown Hairs

Shaving around the bikini line can produce a lot of ingrown hairs because of a number of factors, such as a blunt razor or shaving in the wrong direction. 

When you get a bikini wax, the skin is pulled taut and the wax is pulled off very quickly. This results in the hair being pulled out from the root in a very accurate way. The end product? Smoother skin and far fewer ingrown hairs.

3. Great Long Term Results

A huge benefit to bikini waxes is how they affect hair growth over time. During a wax, the hair is removed by the root and follicle. Over time and with consistent waxing, this means the hair will grow back softer and thinner. In the end, you will realize that you have less and less hair that needs to be removed.

It also follows that your wax will last longer because hair regrowth becomes slower. You get to enjoy your smooth, hair-free bikini line for much longer if you consistently get it waxed.

4. Less Redness

For some of the same reasons that you get ingrown hairs, you may find that your bikini line is sensitive or red after you shave it. 

While a wax may leave the skin sensitive and red immediately afterward, this lasts so much shorter than shaving.

5. No More Cuts

Even the most careful shaver will occasionally nick themselves occasionally. This can be really painful and annoying if the bleeding is not quick to stop. You may even have suffered from an infection due to a shaving cut.

With waxing, the area is properly sanitized beforehand to ensure the open pores won’t get infected and there is no risk of getting cut.

6. Convenience

We all have busy lives these days with full schedules. It can be frustrating to try to squeeze in a long shower in order to shave multiple times a week. 

In comparison, getting a wax once a month is super convenient and will save you loads of time. Most bikini waxes take about ten minutes–sometimes even less time than that! Imagine what you can do with all the time and money you will end up saving by switching to waxing.

Your Health and Bikini Waxing

The many health benefits linked with obtaining a body or bikini wax treatment are something that most people aren’t aware of. Getting a wax is less likely to irritate your skin and generate undesirable lumps and rashes than shaving.

This is primarily due to the fact that waxing pulls your hair out from the root. Ingrown hairs are less common since the hair that grows again in the same location is thinner, softer, and weaker.

Waxing also encourages the formation of collagen, which moisturizes the skin and eliminates wrinkles. The most significant health benefit of bikini wax is that it exfoliates and eliminates dead skin cells deeply.

Furthermore, the exfoliation you receive with a traditional bikini wax helps you get the most out of your suntan by exposing young skin cells to the sun rather than old skin cells, resulting in a longer-lasting tan.

As a side note, the new skin in your pubic area may be more sensitive to sunlight, therefore most experts advise you to avoid any tanning that directly exposes your pubic area for at least 24 hours following your bikini wax procedure.

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