SOS WAX and Skincare

Most people get waxed because it leaves skin smooth for long periods of time, and reduces hair growth after several sessions. For the same reasons, men and women alike are trying out eyebrow waxing in Las Vegas. Not only does brow waxing leave you with neat and excellently shaped eyebrows, they also take a long time before hair grows back, and the hair regrowth is more controlled than other eyebrow

When thinking of childhood, many are reminded of the warm hands that held us, dressed our wounds, cooked our foods, and tucked us into bed. And every year, we save a day to honor those precious people who give us unconditional love, our mother. She deserves a treat at a Las Vegas body waxing salon on her special day. Whether we are remembering biological mothers or the mother figures in

If you’re tired of textured skin and cakey makeup, it’s time to consider upgrading your skin regimen this season and try facial waxing in Las Vegas. Waxing is a great way to remove hair and leave skin silky smooth. And though most people only wax body hair, facial waxing is also a highly recommended treatment for silky smooth face, even makeup application, and with little to no irritation. Learn more

Full waxing service in Las Vegas is said to leave you with smooth and supple skin while resulting in finer and fewer hair growth over time. But if you’re the occasional waxer, you’re probably skeptical of the many benefits waxing is touted to bring. Many seasonal waxers think that waxing for special occasions and shaving in between waxing appointments is an excellent way to save on trips to the salon.