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Bikini Wax/Bikini Waxing When it comes to hair removal, there are usually two camps of people, those who shave their hair and those who wax it off. While it is true that both come with some benefits, we heartily believe that choosing waxing services is the way to go.  To learn more about why waxing is the best hair removal option out there, we have compiled a list of the

BIKINI WAX HOW MUCH One question many clients have is how much hair will actually be removed during a bikini wax. This is a totally normal question and one we hear all the time from our clients. People want to know different bikini wax types and what these look like in order to choose the best option for them. When it comes to getting a wax, sometimes it can be

For anyone new to waxing, it may seem like there are a hundred different options out there and that the process of getting a wax is not very clear. First and foremost, it is important to find bikini waxing services from a trusted and reliable salon that you are sure will leave you with great results. Keep reading to learn not only the difference between hard and soft wax but

WHAT IS A BIKINI WAX It is completely normal to be nervous or even scared if you have just booked your first bikini wax. We have all seen those scenes in movies and TV shows where a girl walks into a Las Vegas waxing services salon for an intimate wax and maybe even screams in pain. This has built a culture of fear around waxes but just remember–these films are