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The Brazilian waxing craze is not going away. With the bikini area trend growing over the past decade, more and more hair removal salons are popping up all over the place. And while most of these salons offer some Brazilian waxing services for everybody, there’s one limitation. Waxing during your period is a subject that seems to stir curiosity among hair removal aficionados.   Can You Get Waxed On Your Period?

Waxing is not just a way to get a fresh-looking look. A quality waxing procedure can entice comfort zones in your body. It can improve circulation and thus help relieve aches and pains. While body waxing can be a routine part of a beauty routine for many, it’s a different story to try and find the best spa for Brazilian waxing in Las Vegas. Many salons advertise themselves as being

BRAZILIAN WAX/BRAZILIAN WAXING Most of us have shaved, maybe plucked, and at least attempted to wax. But what is the best way to go about it? Most of us would like to save money where we can, or at least get our money’s worth out of the salon if paying full price. If you are looking for effective ways to maintain smooth skin, read on to find out how you

BRAZILIAN WAX Brazilian wax is an increasingly popular hair removal method, but many are still hesitant to try it. That said, the all-over hair removal leaves your skin feeling free, sexy bare–no more peach fuzz! And it only gets better from there. AFTER BRAZILIAN WAX CARE/AFTER WAX CARE But what happens after you leave the salon? Do you have any questions about your bikini line or how to take care