SOS WAX and Skincare

Every man desires flawless skin. Waxing is one of the most suitable treatment methods to achieve it.  Many individuals prefer waxing to epilating or shaving. It is not only painless but a long-lasting treatment, which can eliminate hair for at least four to six weeks.  However, before performing a waxing session, we recommend trimming unwanted hair to avoid discomfort when removing more stubborn hair during waxing. Trimming before waxing is

MENS WAXING/MEN’S WAXING/BIKINI WAX MEN Previously, hair removal procedures were primarily for women. But now, more and more men are becoming aware of the benefits that waxing provides, such as longer-lasting and smoother results. WAX EVERYTHING/MEN GETTING WAXED Many men are now discovering the benefits of male waxing, or formally called male bikini waxing. While these men may be reluctant to go through with it initially, they are nevertheless choosing

BRAZILIAN WAX Men are taking hair removal into their own hands with male Brazilian waxing treatments. Popularized by the infamous process of a female Brazilian wax, men are discovering the benefits of removing hair in this sensitive region.  When taking care of your intimate areas properly, nothing compares to the personal touch of a waxing salon. Unlike shaving, waxing has long-lasting smoothness and doesn’t cause painful ingrown hairs or rash.